Quick and Easy Way To “Cash Out” Prepaid Cards

The upside of playing rebate games is that you can save a ton of money on something that you actually need. You’ll often see a product advertised at a very low price… “after rebate”. The whole scheme works because most people buy a product “for a steal” but never fill out the rebate form. But we are not those people, right? We submit rebate forms and get our hard-earned cash back in a month or two. The downside is that a lot of these rebate checks are not checks at all but prepaid cards. They show up in your mailbox with a preset amount and then you need to figure out how to use them before they expire. Today I’ll share an easy hack you can use to “cash out” your prepaid cards in just a few clicks.

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There Is Risk

Every time it’s supposed to snow or dip below freezing, these big red warning signs appear on sidewalks next to local businesses and government offices. THERE IS RISK. YOU MUST USE CAUTION. Well that’s a pretty obvious statement, most likely prompted by some CYA clause within a business liability insurance policy. Of course there is risk; there is always risk. Allow me to share a quick story with you… Continue Reading

Test Driving Cars For Money Update

Test driving cars for money is gotta be one of my favorite ways to earn some quick extra cash. Various banking promos and credit card sign ups are nice but not nearly as much fun. I love cars. At the same time, I doubt I’ll be buying a new car again after realizing how stupid it is to play the car lifestyle inflation game. I practice lifestyle deflation nowadays. With an occasional test drive, I can get that new car smell fix while getting paid at the same time. Continue Reading

Planned Obsolescence – Mobile Edition

Yes, I ranted about this before. In the first installment I disassembled a paper shredder to find a time bomb planted during the design stage to make sure that you need to replace something that should last a lifetime. A fancy dishrack was examined next to show how one company can fail and excel at the same time. And who can forget the food processor that was sent to a landfill due to the same evil design choices as the paper shredder. Why stop now… lets add another hot recent trend in planned obsolescence – non-replaceable batteries. Continue Reading

The Next Chapter

After going through The List we picked the second most challenging option – moving across state lines to the barrier islands of Outer Banks in North Carolina. The most challenging option would be moving to Costa Rica which we ruled out, at least for now. Living on the Outer Banks may not be as cool as somewhere on the beaches of Costa Rica but it sure beats staying in a landlocked city where we are now. Continue Reading

Easy Paint Cleanup

I’ve been doing a lot of work around the house lately to get it ready for our upcoming move next summer. We went crazy with different paint colors when we moved in almost a decade ago. Since it’s a big 5 bedroom McMansion we now have way too many paint cans in the garage. I’m repainting room by room so that we’ll have more of a consistent and neutral color palette throughout. It won’t be all the same but just a bit less ADD and more neutral which should help with the showings. It’s amazing how many people can’t see pass the color so neutral FTW! Continue Reading