A Sure Bet


What does a paid off mortgage mean? In simplest terms – not having to write a $2,000 check every month, which all by itself is not very exciting. It’s not like we had any issues making the payment and I guess it would be perfectly “normal” to just continue doing it for the next 20 years.

I’ve already discussed why I was hellbent on annihilating the death pledge ASAP. Now, nine months after consumation, the investment is bearing fruit yet again. As I’m writing this, suspended midair somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, I feel a certain financial calm even though I’m about to blow a bunch of money on a bucket list motorcycle trip across Panama.

Back in August we went on a family trip to Costa Rica, an unforgettable adventure that was a great introduction to the Central America region. As we drove the rental car from one spectacular airbnb house to another I pictured what it would be like to navigate these wild roads on a motorcycle. There were so many picture perfect trails meandering in every each way but I wouldn’t dare taking our tiny little Sentra-like sedan for fear of getting stranded. But on an adventure bike? All day long!

As soon as we landed back in the US I started thinking about how to make this dream a reality. For years now I’ve been reading adventure travel posts on advrider.com living vicariously from my gray cubicle. There was always something or other that didn’t line up or in the way of doing it myself.

I called up my friend in NY and asked if he would be interested in going with me. We used to ride together stateside and he’s got the same bug for motorcycle adventure riding. As a matter of fact he is also a frequent advrider browser so I knew that under the right circumstances he would be all about it.  Neither of us went on a similar trip before.

Well, we checked our calendars and found a week that worked. Then we booked the plane tickets and the bikes. We’d worry about accommodations and the itinerary later. We were finally doing it!

My friend is riding a BMW GS1200 (Adventure edition – no kidding!) while I opted for something more in line with my trusty Honda Nighthawk 650 –  a BMW GS650. The guys at mototourpanama.com made it easy to get it all set up and now here I am headed to Panama City after a quick layover in Miami.

The less financial obligations you have the easier it is to leave it all behind. The last 15 years of my life were spent first digging the financial obligation pit, fixing an occasional cave-in, hitting the bedrock and realizing that perhaps it was time to reevaluate the goals and the methods.

We all get so into digging that we barely notice how the walls are getting taller and the light growing ever more distant up above.

No car loans, no credit card debt,  no HELOC balance, no lease payments, no signature loans, no student loans, no make-no-payments-for-3-years-at-0% furniture store or Best Buy arrangements, no cable bills, no margin accounts… make the decision to leave it all behind that much easier.

Owe nothing to no one. Easy as that. I wish someone drilled it in my head before the real life began.

Everyone needs an adventure. Something decidedly more exciting than a powerball ticket. Something real that stays with you forever.

See you on the road!

And here we go…