I’m a married man in the early 40’s living in the southeast US together with my wife, our son and a cat.

Aside from the family I enjoy travelling, cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, DIY, creative solutions to problems, planting trees and growing food.

I’m interested in finance, renewable energy, conservation, optimization, efficiency, frugality and technology.

My goal is to live a happy family oriented life through learning, doing work I enjoy, self-reliance, optimization, lower consumption, zero debt, balancing needs vs. wants along with knowing when to say “enough”.

At this time, we are in the final stretch of achieving Financial Independence, which I view as a milestone and not a holy grail. We are shooting to escape the rat race by 2020… but something tells me it may happen much sooner.

Key Milestones on the Path to Financial Independence

What’s the meaning of “Insourcelife”?

It’s a play on how everyone outsources everything (car repair, home maintenance, yard maintenance, financial planning, taxes, buying fruits and vegetables instead of growing at least some, etc etc).  Outsourcing is paying someone to do things for you.  Insourcing is doing those things yourself.  Outsourcing is consuming.  Insourcing is producing.  Outsourcing is spending.  Insourcing is saving.

Most people in today’s Western countries, especially in the United States, think that being able to outsource as much of their “trivial” daily tasks as possible to someone else is the sign that they have arrived financially.  They work hard and don’t have time to be bothered when something needs their attention.  Help is available 24×7 only a phone call and a credit card swipe away in a never-ending chase for convenience.

Wikipedia defines insourcing as “the cessation by a company of contracting a business function and the commencement of performing it internally. Insourcing is the opposite of outsourcing. Insourcing is a business decision that is often made to maintain control of critical production or competencies. Insourcing is widely used in production to reduce costs of taxes, labor and transportation“.  While this definition obviously focuses on businesses, the same is applicable to individuals.  Replace a few words and the definition still makes sense when applied to people instead of businesses.  However, defining insourcing in this way is a bit limited in scope since it focuses on cost savings alone without highlighting the opportunities for learning, confidence building and personal growth that doing things yourself entails.

Not everything should be insourced by everyone, but learning to do some things yourself can lead to something bigger than just a few dollars saved.  Learning how to winterize your sprinkler system yourself instead of calling a contractor will save you thousands of dollars in service fees over the typical homeowners life in a house, but it might also give you confidence in tackling other projects that are typically outsourced. Soon it will become a snowball of growing skills, confidence and savings that will leave an imprint on all other areas of your life.

What will I find here?

Posts that will appear on this site will explore real life ideas for frugal living, optimizing, do it yourself projects, taking ownership and living life on your own terms.  We will discover how insourcing not only can be fun but also a key enabling skill allowing anyone to lead a fulfilling life of self-reliance and financial independence and, ultimately, happiness.

I will share our journey to financial independence AKA The Great Escape From the Cubicle Hell.

This is a personal blog so expect to see random thoughts, rants and raves about anything that seems worthy enough to publish on any given day!

I am happy you found this blog. Take a second to comment on a post. It’s nice to know that someone actually reads this stuff 🙂