Nightstand – Creating a Story


I’m becoming obsessed with selling off our generic Tyler-Durden-esque Scandinavian furniture and replacing it with pieces that evoke emotion. Ikea furniture has no soul. The only story you can possibly tell when discussing a laminate coffee table is how easy it was to get to the house in a flat box and what a pain in the ass it was to assemble. I want more. I want a connection. A history. Something that required a bit of thinking and a bit of work. And I want it to be cheaper than Ikea. Continue Reading

Got Kids? Forget New Furniture and DIY Instead!


For my last post of 2014 I wanted to share a fun project I just completed with help from a friend from Toolerant that came out even better than I expected. It’s a simple DIY undertaking requiring minimal investment in tools and materials. In my case, the total spent in dollar terms was exactly zero as I’ve already had everything needed to transform our beat up dining table into what my mom described as a “designer quality piece of furniture” (next step is to transform our sofa into some best leather furniture brands kind of piece). I don’t know about all that but I do love the end result, so lets take a look. Continue Reading

Better Than Saving Money


A quick one today because I’m still recovering from eating way too much food and what seems like an endless supply of turkey leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides, it’s Black Friday and I’ve got a couple more things to snipe before the clock strikes midnight. I do minimal shopping throughout the year and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are definitely on my radar, especially with the holidays just around the corner. No, I’m not running to Wal-Mart to fight over a 60″ TV… Never have and never will. Sniping a few items at deep discounts from home using all the sales, coupons and ebates I can find is much more my speed. New shoes, a tablet, body wash along with some presents are on the list, so nothing crazy. Continue Reading

Infant and Child Car Seats in a MINI Cooper


After posting an article in which I mentioned going from a 4 door sedan to a 2 door MINI Cooper right around the time when we had our first baby I received a few inquiries about living with such a small car.  I decided to put together a quick article with pictures to show how infant and child seats fit in a MINI Cooper known by its R56 chassis designation in production since 2006. Continue Reading

First year of baby expenses


In August we celebrated our son’s first birthday.  We had a relatively small backyard gathering with 15 adults and 5 kids.  All enjoyed the great weather and a beach themed party put together mostly by my wife with me in charge of the backyard maintenance, house cleaning and booze.  Works better this way since if I were to organize it, kids would have a soccer ball and maybe a volleyball to play with while adults would have beverages and maybe some chips.  Instead we had an inflatable kiddie pool, sandbox, all kinds of beach balls, tricycle, duckpin bowling and different toys keeping the kids entertained while adults snacked on home cooked appetizers and socialized.  And I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to make the cake you see in the picture!

Continue Reading

Make a Baby Bottle Drying Rack


Whenever there is a new item that we “need” to buy, my first instinct is to see if it’s something that I can make myself.  Most of the time it’s not practical to try to make whatever it is that we want, so we end up just buying the item after finding the best deal.  However, there are times when the inspiration strikes and a DIY project is born. This was one of those times. Continue Reading

On Baby Showers


Having a baby in America apparently comes a mandatory event called the baby shower.  It would be cool if it was an actual miniature shower for a baby, but apparently that’s not what it means.  I found out the meaning long before we had our first child via a number of baby showers that my significant other felt obligated to attend over the years we’ve been together.  Her endless visits to stores that sell baby stuff even had a special rubric in our expense tracking spreadsheet.  Some expectant mothers even organized co-ed events to make sure that husbands and boyfriends would not miss a chance to participate in the festivities.  To all the guys out there… Continue Reading

A Diaper Genie Story and an Honest Review

Diaper Genie1

It seems that there is a time period in your life where baby showers happen at least once a month. A few years back our friend was having one so my wife went to the store and picked up something from the registry – a Diaper Genie along with a couple of refills.  Not the most thoughtful gift (“here is a poop box for your unborn child and some plastic bags”), but we assumed it was something required when a baby is born and obviously desired since it was on their list.

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