Where Do We Go From Here?

To summarize last post: feeling burnt out at work, no one knows how much time they have left, time is more important than money… At least after you have investments working for you. The only reason these conversations are even possible is because we’re slowly closing in on Financial independence (FI). Two decades of work and (mostly) smart investment decisions are finally paying off. Years of prioritizing savings over spending should soon make having to trade time for money optional. So what’s the plan? Continue Reading


To understand where you’re going you need to understand where you came from. After working 16 years straight in IT I’m starting to feel burnt out. It was fun working at a consulting firm after grad school. Every 6 months brought a new client, a new challenge. I was assigned to projects in Florida and Belize during what would’ve been cold winter months back home, which worked out nicely. There was also a lot to learn as a junior IT consultant. Days were anything but routine. Continue Reading

Adult Conversation

Kids are excellent at monopolizing the time to the point where there’s very little time left to actually think about anything else. Between a full-time job, the commute, the daycare hustle and other daily chores it’s hard to find that uninterrupted moment where you can sit down and really figure things out. When we’re home, our lives revolve around our son – because we love him, obviously, but also because we feel guilty about seeing him only 2 hours during an average weekday. He is in daycare and we are at work. Continue Reading


My best friend – let’s call him John – lives on Long Island, New York. Recently John hit a rough patch, deciding to separate from his wife after just two years of marriage. They don’t have kids or own a house together so it should be pretty straightforward, financially, to go through a divorce. As it often happens after a major life event, John is ready to make some other changes in his life. This story is about two small but financially significant changes that transpired. Continue Reading

Motorcycling Doesn’t Have to be Expensive


In the last post I discussed how some hobbies are more conducive to financial independence than others. Bicycling vs. racing and shore fishing vs. deep-sea fishing type of thing. On my very own hobby list motorcycling bubbled to the top of Expensive Optional Activities that drain money out of my wallet. At least that’s what most people would say, right after volunteering their opinion on the dangers of motorcycles in general. But what if there was a way to enjoy motorcycling at a fraction of the usual cost? Continue Reading

Are Your Hobbies Holding You Back?


Beautiful yacht we saw docked near Piazza San Marco in Venice…

If you’ve been reading FI-oriented blogs for a while you’ve probably noticed that they all talk about downsizing your possessions. It’s true – if you want to become financially independent in your 30s or 40s you probably need to re-evaluate the spending side of the equation very closely. Keeping in mind the Pareto principle you probably want to start analyzing the Big 3 first (most likely housing, transportation and food) as any changes there will get you most “bang for the buck”. After that it’s time to move on to other categories such as shopping, subscription services, leisure activities and hobbies. Spending money on hobbies is something that I’d like to discuss today. Continue Reading

Christmas Hangover


Ahhh – January… A Christmas shopping hangover month. We finally took the Christmas tree down a week ago when we had some time to ourselves after all the holiday travel. All the decorations have been put away and the Christmas tree is sitting by the fire pit outside ready for a yearly bonfire. Christmas would be just a fading memory was it not for the credit card bills that have been steadily rolling in this month. Continue Reading

Better Than Saving Money


A quick one today because I’m still recovering from eating way too much food and what seems like an endless supply of turkey leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides, it’s Black Friday and I’ve got a couple more things to snipe before the clock strikes midnight. I do minimal shopping throughout the year and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are definitely on my radar, especially with the holidays just around the corner. No, I’m not running to Wal-Mart to fight over a 60″ TV… Never have and never will. Sniping a few items at deep discounts from home using all the sales, coupons and ebates I can find is much more my speed. New shoes, a tablet, body wash along with some presents are on the list, so nothing crazy. Continue Reading

An Unconventional Truth


Where did the summer go? Or fall for that matter… Something about a polar vortex and here we are facing sub-freezing temperatures in early November in the Mid-Atlantic. Luckily I had a glorious 70 degree Veterans Day to finish a bunch of pre-winter house maintenance chores. With my wife at work and our son in daycare it was one of those extremely rare opportunities to get stuff done without any other responsibilities. Continue Reading