Xeriscaping Continues


Fall is my favorite season… Last time we had AC on was back in August, and after having done the furnace repair service Denver we just fired up one a couple of weeks ago. We usually get 4 months per year where HVAC sits switched off. If we need to cool down the house we use box fans. If it gets cold we open all the curtains to passively heat with the sun. Sometimes I fantasize about living in a place like San Diego where the weather is always perfect. Although I bet plenty of people in San Diego still run the AC. We have neighbors that never open their windows too, which never ceases to amaze me when we are out on a perfect day. Continue Reading

DIY – Easy and Cheap Homemade Sprinkler Head Shut Off Cap


Ask almost anyone with a yard about grass maintenance and they will fire off a long list of maintenance tasks with a few expletives mixed in. Those lush weed-free manicured green lawns you see require a ton of work and, more often than not, a whole landscaping crew to maintain a picture-perfect appearance. There is cutting, edging, blowing, aerating, seeding, watering, fertilizing, weeding, dethatching and leaf collecting. Continue Reading

Insourcelife Tamper – Homemade Tamping Tool DIY


Writing a post about procuring free mulch and building frugality muscles with MulchFit, I recalled another recent DIY adventure that at least a couple of people out there might appreciate. Every week during the grass growing season I would get annoyed  when it was time to mow a small side yard area between the driveway and the fence. Due to its size, shape and surrounding objects it would take a disproportionate amount of time to cut and trim the grass. My solution was to Xeriscape it all with mulch and giddily reprogram our sprinkler system to forever turn off irrigation of “Zone 1”.

Continue Reading