DIY Mold Remediation and Concrobium Review


As I’ve mentioned in this previous post, getting a call from your tenant that’s allergic to mold suspecting mold presence in your rental condo can quickly ruin your day.  If, in fact, there is mold in your home you are looking at potentially spending thousands of dollars to hire a company that specializes in mold cleanup and remediation.  Before you start calling these companies you might want to consider at least trying to address the issue yourself first.  The method described here does not cost much to try and can only make things better, even if you do decide to hire a company later.
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Are You Ready to be a Landlord?


After the most recent email from our tenant I started questioning my choice of being a landlord.  The email went something like “it seems that there might be mold in the HVAC unit and it smells a little bit in here and I feel like I might have some allergic reactions and I don’t think I can stay here till this is fixed”.  Visions of people in hazmat suits and masks decontaminating the condo immediately appeared in my head.  A story that I heard awhile back about a mold incident in my co-worker’s rental townhome costing somewhere around $10,000 to fix was instantly remembered.  HVAC system replacement to the tune of $4,000 was added on top of that.  But lets back up…

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