Get Free or Discounted TurboTax Year After Year


NOTE: Well, it was good while it lasted… Starting with 2016 tax year State Farm will no longer offer free or heavily discounted TurboTax software. I emailed customer service and they confirmed it. I closed my account and got my $25 deposit back.

This year I will try out Credit Karma’s totally free online tax software. I hope it will deliver because it sounds great from the description. Supposedly they will support complicated forms like Schedule C and rental properties all with free federal and state e-filing. 

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In my last post I talked about the reasons why I prefer doing our taxes myself instead of calling up a CPA. Cost was mentioned as one of the reasons, although it wasn’t THE most important one. Still, preparing taxes with one of the software programs like TurboTaxTaxAct and H&R Block costs money. It’s peanuts compared to what an accountant will charge you to file a return but free is better, right?

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DIY Taxes


Talking with friends and reading articles that appear in the media around this time of the year it’s hard not to conclude that people hate doing their own taxes. Most prefer to simply outsource this task to a CPA and move on to the more important things in life. Never mind that those “important things” routinely include watching several hours of TV per day. I must be in a minority here as I look forward to sitting down in March and filing our taxes. (Pssst… there is a link for a free copy of TurboTax Deluxe Federal and State with Efile at the end of this post).

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