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I’ve been doing a lot of work around the house lately to get it ready for our upcoming move next summer. We went crazy with different paint colors when we moved in almost a decade ago. Since it’s a big 5 bedroom McMansion we now have way too many paint cans in the garage. I’m repainting room by room so that we’ll have more of a consistent and neutral color palette throughout. It won’t be all the same but just a bit less ADD and more neutral which should help with the showings. It’s amazing how many people can’t see pass the color so neutral FTW!

I just finished painting the third floor to get rid of the icy blue on the walls and the ceiling that the previous owner thought was a good idea for some reason. Third floor was always on my list but since we barely go up there I never got around to actually doing anything about it.

As I was doing the cleanup after painting I realized that I probably should’ve covered up the wooden stairs before I started rolling. The stairs and the railing were now covered in paint splatter.

I tried using one of those scrub sponges and it sort of worked but took way too much time and effort to clean just one stair. Then I remembered a trick I use often when cleaning up old rusty motorcycles – wet sanding.

It works just as well here. Wet sanding is gentle and leaves no scratches on the wood surface while easily removing the paint splatter. It takes just a couple of minutes per stair and they’ll look good as new.

Best of all, this method doesn’t require any harsh chemicals or special tools.  I used just three items that most people already have: a bucket with water, a rag and  a piece of sandpaper. I used a small piece of 120 grit wet dry sandpaper that I already had. I wouldn’t go below 120 grit since anything coarser than that might leave scratches.

I took a quick video to show how easy it is to clean up the paint from any wooden surface (stairs, floors, railings) if you forgot to cover it up when painting the walls or the ceiling:

Hopefully this video will help someone who’s wondering if there’s an easy way to clean up all the paint roller splatter.

I think it took less time to wet sand the stairs than it would take to cover them up before painting the walls. Not only that but the stairs are much cleaner now than they’ve ever been because wet sanding removed all the other dirt that was building up for years.


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