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Test driving cars for money is gotta be one of my favorite ways to earn some quick extra cash. Various banking promos and credit card sign ups are nice but not nearly as much fun. I love cars. At the same time, I doubt I’ll be buying a new car again after realizing how stupid it is to play the car lifestyle inflation game. I practice lifestyle deflation nowadays. With an occasional test drive, I can get that new car smell fix while getting paid at the same time.In my previous post on this subject I explained why I don’t have a moral issue with getting paid to test drive cars. I’ll add that I’m seen as an influencer in the family and friends circles when it comes to buying new cars. People know that I love cars and that I follow the automotive industry pretty closely.

In the last couple of months I helped both grandmas to replace their old vehicles. They are very happy with what I found for them – a Toyota Prius C for my mom and a Honda CRV AWD for my mother-in-law. Here is the car I found for my mom!

I actually test drove both the Prius and the CRV a while back and they stood out in the sea of competitors. After doing the research it was clear that these two models were a good fit for the grandmas and so here we are.

Test driving cars for money will never replace your paycheck but it’s a fun way to spend an hour and make some cash on the side. Cash that is not taxed by the way, so it’s much better than earning it through work! I average a couple of test drives per year so it really is just for fun.

My latest test drive came courtesy of the local MINI dealer. I received an invite in the mail to come and drive any new car they had on the lot. The invite promised a $25 VISA card just for stopping by and then another $50 to complete a test drive.

As usual, I came in, showed them the invitation and said that I’m not currently in the market to buy a new car but I’ll do a test drive if they want me to. Or if they didn’t want to waste their time with me I could just collect my VISA card and be on my way.

The sales rep said he appreciated the honesty and gave me a $25 VISA gift car right away. However, to get the $50 Amazon gift card I’d need to complete a test drive because the dealer was required to mail in a signed form to their headquarters for processing. No problem! I was looking forward to test driving a brand new MINI. Mine is 2009 and a lot has changed since then.

I decided to take the MINI Cooper Clubman for a spin. I always liked the way they looked and wondered how it would compare to a smaller MINI Cooper like mine. The sales rep threw me the keys to a 2018 Clubman with 30 miles on the odometer and off we went on a 20 minute drive.

The car was loaded with all the new technology like a heads up display and cameras and phone integration and lane assist and collision avoidance and a bunch of other doodads considered science fiction when my car was built-in 2009. I’m probably showing my age here but I don’t want any of that. All I kept thinking was MCTB – More Crap to Break. For a DIY guy like myself it all seemed like a huge trap waiting to consume your wallet as soon as the warranty expires. I like to keep my cars for a long time so simpler is better.

We went back inside and the sales rep gave me another $25 VISA card for some reason. I don’t know why and I didn’t care to find out. That’s $50 bucks in my pocket already!

But that’s not all. The sales rep asked me complete a one page form with some basic information and leave it with him. About a month later I received this little bonus in the mail, just in time for Christmas!

After all said and done I got paid One Hundred Dollars to test drive a brand new MINI Cooper. Tax free. Getting paid to have fun… Yes, please!

Not a bad way to finish out the year. I’ll definitely be on the look out for new test driving opportunities in 2018!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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